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Welcome to fan Adel imam web site , Here we have most Adel imam films , watch the, all for free and online. We are adding more and more films each day....

Oumahat Fi Al-Manfa
Oumahat Fi Al-Manfa was released in 1981 . Adel imam in this film using its own and unique method criticized some life rules and how people step by step loose their honesty....
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They selected doctor Abdul Baset
They selected doctor Abdul Baset or Intakhibou al Doctor Soliman Abd El Baset was released in 1981 . In this film Adel imam showed how wrong decision can completely ruin the life of people, even if they have a good knowledge...
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Hot winter night
Hot winter night or (A Warm Winter Night) was released in 1981. In this film played Adel imam , Yousra and the well known actor mahmoud el meligi...
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Torment or Al Gahim was released in 1980 . The well known Adel imam played this Film with Madiha Kamil were he criticized the people egoism....
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Ragol Fakada 3akloh
Ragol Fakada 3akloh was released in 1980 , This is a funny Adel imam film , where this last play the role of the Farid showki sons and football player ....
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