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Al Avokato

Adel Imam, Yesra , Ishad Younis , Hasin Alchrabni , Salah Nadami , Ali Alcherif ,Mohamed Alchkrawi, Hamdi housif ,Mohamed Alderidi, Ihab kalil

Release Date :1984
Video Description : Al Avokato was released in 1984 . Adel Imam through this film criticizes the weak government law and how Old government power still has impact in the juridical process . Adel Imam also does not fail to note how life is hard and people go with any decision in order to get a normal family life .
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Al AvokatoAl AvokatoAl AvokatoAl Avokato

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Al Avokato is one of the funniest Adel Imam films , Adel is a poor advocate he lives with his wife , kid and the sister of his wife . Adel Always loose honest deal , After each wined deal Adel imam found himself in the jail due to some misunderstandings with juridical leader .

Adel imam decided to help Hasouna (drugs seller) and also the sister of his wife . Proposing to this last to marry Hasouna (Note, she is already married) . When Hasouna gets out from the jail this last refused to divorce .

In this case Adel imam has a big problem since a woman cannot get two husbands .In the end Adel imam forced Hasouna to divorce and found his self again in the jail for a long time .

The only way for Adel imam to get out was to conclude an agreement with someone and to escape from the country .

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azeddine canada
i can say adil imam is not just an actor , but he s a dad , a father , a brother , a king of all arab generations he s with the older as he s with the younger , he s the teacher , he s the master , he is with the loneliest and always he s with u , adil imam is the symbole who will never ever die from inside of each of arab families wathever they re and evrytime they still .we love u adil imammoroccan livin in canada

berasmi men a3az aflem adel eli 93adetli fe thekra

adil imam ahsan fanan fi tamtel l3arab kol aflmo kuayesa jedan yat bra bror

very good



so nice film

bsr tous le mondes,adel imam c\'est un homme incroyable et unique 20sur 100 ,merci adel

very nice


merci a3del

film adel very good

?? ???
kis omk

Thanks I like adel imam film

merci beaucoup pour les film de adel imam merci bien

thanks you very much

adel saleh
i like adel imams film



i\'m happy to found that movies here, than you very much

thanks for sharing
thanks for sharing


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