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The devil island

Adel imam , Yosra , Ahmed Rateb , Hatem Dou El fakar, Jamal Ismaeil , Nahmi el amrous , Moustafa Metwali , Said Tarabik ,

Release Date :1990
Video Description : The devil island or Geziret Al Shaitan was released in 1990. This is one of the rare adventure and actions adel imam , it was played with well known actors such as : Yosra and Moustafa Metwali
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The devil islandThe devil islandThe devil islandThe devil island

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In this film Adel imam plays the role of captain Galel , The film start when Yosra revealed a secret map where there was a location of hidden island loaded with gold.

The gold was somewhere in the sea near this island , since she did not know how to swim in deep sea , Yosra looked for a specialist and here come Adel imam or el captain Galel  .

Yosra and his two friends successfully passed the first swim training course but later they discovered that they need a specialist in their adventure to the hidden island .

Adel imam agreed to help them  . Yosra was not the only one who knows about this map and Moustafa metwali also looked for the gold .

Adel imam with time started loving Yosra , Moustafa metwali later found them and forced them to give all the gold .

The story continue watch the film for more details .

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why you cheet in this web side , the movie is not complet

jlon 1
yesir ahlouu barcha barchaama 5sara ouch kemil

yesir ahlouu barcha barcha

ama chibih mouch kemil

mala film yesir tayara


oussama barhoumi
film mouch kemel !!

hi i can to see the full move

it\'s not a full copy

I live za3eem

j a aim bcp le film mais pourq ila just 69 minute

i love you aadil imam

good movie

nice flim

C\'est un Bon film


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