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The ghoul

Adel imam , farid Shawki , Salah Saadani , Hatem Do el Fakar , Sharifa Zitoun ,Osama Abas ,Abdel Salah mohamed , Nadia Izat , Samir Wahid , Noufal Fahmi , Fouad Kalil , mahmoud El zahari

Release Date :1983
Video Description : The Ghoul or Al Ghoul was released in 1983 . In this film Adel imam criticized the corruption and how some high ranked people can go around the general law rules .
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The ghoulThe ghoulThe ghoulThe ghoul

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In this film Adel Imam plays the role of Adel Issa a journalist which always criticized high ranked people , and this was the main reason for its poor life .

Adel imam in one of his stories criticized Mochira a well known actress in Tv show , Fahami el Kashef which was considered as one of it s lover suggested him some money in order to stop criticizing Mochira but Adel refused.

Adel imam discovered that  Fahami el Kashef son killed by mistake a poor man ,  the only proof was a girl which was kidnapped by fahmi el Kashef , So there was no proof against him.

Fahmi el Kashef also proposed to the family of the killed men a nice amount of money . Now, all people now were against Adel imam .

The film ends with Adel imam killing Fahmi el Kashef  , in order to prevent corruption ...

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