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They selected doctor Abdul Baset

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Release Date :1981
Video Description : They selected doctor Abdul Baset or Intakhibou al Doctor Soliman Abd El Baset was released in 1981 . In this film Adel imam showed how wrong decision can completely ruin the life of people, even if they have a good knowledge
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They selected doctor Abdul BasetThey selected doctor Abdul BasetThey selected doctor Abdul BasetThey selected doctor Abdul Baset

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In this film Adel Imam plays the role of Doctor Soliman Abd El Baset , a high graduated professor in the legal academy , This last an honest man working hard .

With time Soliman was bored from his life and tried to mislead its wife , the history ends up with tragedy since this last by mistake killed someone .

Since Adel imam was a well known and high graduated professor he decided to get a rid from the body of the killed men and to continue normally his life .

However, the whole story was seen by Ahmed rateb which later started Asking Adel imam to do him some favor in exchange of it's quietness .

In this case Ahmed rateb favors were not doable by Adel imam, and they can completely ruin its future and current image .

Adel imam decided then to kill Ahmed rateb , the Film ends up with the police discovering the whole story .

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