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Release Date :1998
Video Description : Hello America, was released in 1998 . This film like many other can be fairly considered as one of the funniest Adel imam films . In this film Bekit (Adel imam) criticize the life in united states and also the principle of democracy . Furthermore, Adel imam do not fail to note the value of money in our life.
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Hello AmericaHello AmericaHello AmericaHello America

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Adel imam in this film plays the role of Bekit an Egyptian citizen which sold all his boughs to get In USA . Bekit went to the USA with his wife Adila (They both played also the film bekit and Adila), and they planned to live temporary at nofel house  (Old Adel imam friend living already in USA).

First Bekit was surprised by the attitude of US citizen , where the money has a way larger value than anything else .

Bekit was hit by a car , Later Bekit discovered that the women who hit him is the daughter of the US president candidate.

Bekit asked money in order to stay quite and to not start a juridical pursuit against her and her father .

Adel imam end with nothings , since this is immoral to get money with such way

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Bakhtiar Syani
there is a wroung in name Sherihan,, because in this movie Shrehand not had any championship,, in this movie Sherin with Adel Emam.I hope corecting this big wrong in writing name of wishesBakhtiar Syani

wahid tanios
Since yesterday I cannot start any movie or play what is wrong with the web site ?sincerely: wahid taniosemail:

you are the best men !!

mahmoud abdel aziz
mahmoud abd el aziz (sayedati Anesati)



Adil Imam is the best Commedian on earth

mohib aza3im
i love all youre filmes .thanks you

walayn3al taboon mok a weld l9a7ba ma katehjmelsh le3rab idk f zeb ya weld lmarja

i hate all the arab

dadle imam is good laghing at areb all hhhhhhh

it\'s perfect realisation congratulation mister adil imam

mukhtar-al materi.yem
hi.good film

mr babiker
i love Arabic movies man


i m playing in this film


i love all amerecain maroc mekens

i love all arab

Hesham Agamia Canada
Good Job


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