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Krakon in the street

Adel imam ,Yousra , Ali Cherif, Haimat Asgir, Ahmed Mostafa, Hafid Amin, Amal Ibrahim

Release Date :1986
Video Description : Krakon in the street was released in 1986 and on my own view, this is one of the best Adel imam films, in which he criticized some government process and lack of free apartment in Egypt.
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Krakon in the streetKrakon in the streetKrakon in the streetKrakon in the street

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In this Film Adel Imam plays the role of a building Engineer witch lost his apartment , The government promised to Adel imam and his family a temporary location to live there until getting a full sized one.

After waiting several days , in the temporary location , Adel imam asked when he will get his new apartment ,

The answer pretty clear : Never .

Adel imam decided then to buy a new apartment, but he was cheated and ended up living in the street with his family .

From here this last build the Karakon and more problems comes ....

For more details watch the film ...

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good movie

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