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Some Marriages Dont Last
Some Marriages Don't Last or albaad yadhabe lil mazoun maratain was released in 1978 , This is a pretty funny Adel imam film with Samir Ganem and Nour el Sherif , where they show the married life ....
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Eib Ya looloo Eib
Eib Ya looloo Eib was released in 1978 , In this film Adel imam plays a small role (he was a young actor at those times) , The film about the women life in Arabic countries and how people has many rules to follow even if they are wrong....
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Youth dance over the fire
Youth dance over the fire or Shabab Yorkos fawk Al Nar was released in 1978 , this is a pure comedy film Adel imam film coupled with well known actors such as : Mahmoud Abdel Aziz ,Yosra , Abdel Moneaim Madbouli ...
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Boy flying dreams
Boy flying dreams an ancient Egyptian TV series. Series written by Wahid Hamed and directed by Mohamed Fadel and starring by Adel Imam and Omar Abd al-Hariri ....
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Love thief
Love thief was produced in 1977, it was released by: Abdel-Moneim with the participation of : Adel Imam Nabila Ebeid Iman Zulfiqar...
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