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Welcome to fan Adel imam web site , Here we have most Adel imam films , watch the, all for free and online. We are adding more and more films each day....

24 Hours of Love
In this film , adel imam , said Zaien and hasan yousef play the role of a marine captain the first two are married the third still no .This is a funny film....
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Devils Forever
Fakharani and Kamal have just graduated high school and decide to marry the beautiful sisters Faten and Faryal....
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Happy Marriage
A happy marriage movie was released in 1986, witht the participation of Bmusharkt Hassan Yousef, Shams Baroudi, Adel Imam, Safa Abu El Seoud,...
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School of Terrors
School of Terrors or Madraset El Moshaghbeen is the most known play for Arabic people, and it is one the funniest play made by Adel imam with said Salah , Most know this great play . So enjoy....
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Looking for a Scandal
Looking for a Scandal or el bahd an fadiha was relased in 1973 . This is a pure comedy film were Adel imam is looking to meet a girl and each time listening to the notice of his friend (100% wrong)...
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