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Welcome to fan Adel imam web site , Here we have most Adel imam films , watch the, all for free and online. We are adding more and more films each day....

Love in the agricultural road
Social film, is set in romantic comedy template, the movie is about the Sami, who fall in love of Madiha....
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Young people in a storm
Young people in the storm was published in 1971, a film starring all of Alexander Manasseh, Zouzou Mady, Mahmoud Miligy, Nur al-Sharif, Zakaria Youssef...
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Ms. Manal Notes
Ms. Manal Notes film was released in 1971,...
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A good trip
A good trip a Egyptian film which was produced in 1971, directed by Fatin Abdel Wahab Hassan Youssef with Najla Fathi....
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Adolescent love
Adolescent love was released in 1970 in the movie played Ahmed madhar Mervat Amin and Adel Imam...
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