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Welcome to fan Adel imam web site , Here we have most Adel imam films , watch the, all for free and online. We are adding more and more films each day....

Girls is Egyptian film produed in 1977, directed by Mohamed Abdel-Aziz and the author Zargani....
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Gawaz 3ala El Hawa
Gawaz 3ala El Hawa was relased in 1976 . This a pure comedie film made with three well known actors : Adel imam , Farid Shawki and Samir Ganim . Old but a must watch ....
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Reckless Husbands
Reckless Husbands or Azwag teshoon was released in 1976 , this is a pretty Adel imam film with the well know actors : Said Salah , Samir Ganim , Madiha Kamil . This is a pure comedy a must watch....
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Naughty Husbands
Naughty Husbands or Azawag Taeshoon was released in 1976 , This is a pretty funny Adel imam where most well known actors played : as siad salah, samir ganim , said zayan , amdiha kamel ......
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The taxi king
The taxi king was released in 1976 .This a comedian movie with the participation of few of Egyptian movie leader...
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