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Welcome to fan Adel imam web site , Here we have most Adel imam films , watch the, all for free and online. We are adding more and more films each day....

Hanafi El-Obaha
Hanafi El-Obaha was released in 1990 years . It can be considered as new Adel imam film . Using its own way Adel imam showed through this film several moral rules and different social position ....
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The devil island
The devil island or Geziret Al Shaitan was released in 1990. This is one of the rare adventure and actions adel imam , it was played with well known actors such as : Yosra and Moustafa Metwali ...
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El Mooled
El Mooled was released in 1989, and it is one of my favorite Adel imam films . Using its unique way as always Adel imam through this film checked several society sides . ...
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The Tiger and the Female
The Tiger and the Female or El Namir wal ontha was released in 1987 . In this film Adel imam work as a police officer looking after a group selling drug....
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Krakon in the street
Krakon in the street was released in 1986 and on my own view, this is one of the best Adel imam films, in which he criticized some government process and lack of free apartment in Egypt....
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